From Sitting to Sexy

The "Desk-aholic's" Guide to Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset

If You're Ready to Feel Good in Your Body, Let's Get Started!

Finally, a Training Program Designed Just for You,

The Busy Desk-Worker


Are You...

⚡Sitting at a desk or in front of a computer for 8+ hours per day?

⚡Feeling sore, tight, tired, and stiff or dealing with chronic lower back, neck or shoulder pain?

⚡Wanting to have the energy to show up more fully for your friends, family, and loved ones?

⚡Tired of endlessly trying "free" workout programs only to realize they aren't the right fit for you - aggravate pain, cause discomfort, don't get you the results you know are possible. 

Ready to take the leap, invest in yourself, and finally take part in a training program designed to help you optimize posture, decrease pain + stiffness, and increase energy, all while letting you live your life?

From Sitting to Sexy

The "Desk-sholic's" Guide to Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset 

A training program that will take you, the busy desk worker, from sitting, sore, tight, and tired to fit, energized and sexy!


Show up more fully in your life!  Live the life you want to live!


Workouts, Support, Accountability 

VIP Support + Accountability Group

✔️Get the support you need when you need it

✔️A welcoming and supportive community. Ask questions, get support, and have a group invested in your success!

✔️No longer feel lost or alone when you hit a plateau or have an off day.


Progressive Workout Programs

✔️6 New Full-Body Workouts every month (each more challenging than the next)

✔️ Exercise Tutorials + Fully Guided Workout Videos - always have a workout buddy + know how to do every exercise to get the best results

✔️Beginner + advanced exercise modifications

✔️Workouts that can be done at home or at the gym


Bi-Weekly Live Virtual Group Coaching Calls

✔️Progress check-in's, answers to your questions + tips on how to stay consistent and motivated

✔️Monthly workshops focused on teaching you how to care for + nurture your body

✔️Have live access to your personal trainer to get support, guidance, and motivation



Get Started on Your New Fitness Journey Today!

All the Tools You Need to Succeed

Self-Assessment Tools

✔️Daily Health and Habit Tracker - keep track of your daily sleep, water intake, workouts, and nutrition.

✔️Monthly Physical Fitness Self-Assessment - allows you to track your physical progress month after month

✔️Finally have a concrete record of your improvement day to day, week to week, month to month

Guide to Nutrition Basics

✔️Guidance on what to eat before + after a workout

✔️How to Shop for a Week of Healthy Meals in 30 Minutes or Less

✔️Meal Prep 101: A Strategy to Make More Delicious Meals in Less Time

✔️No scale or calorie counting here!

Monthly Workout Calendar

✔️New Workout Calendar Every month

✔️Know which workout to do each day + when to take rest/recovery days - have confidence you're doing exactly what you need to, to see results!

✔️You'll never be unsure of what to do during your workout program again!

Get Instant Access to All the Tools You Need To Succeed Today!

From Sitting to Sexy

Allows You to Get Fit, Feel Good in Your Body + Still Live Your Life


If You're Ready to...

⚡Take control of your health

⚡Decrease chronic pain, tightness, and stiffness from sitting all day

⚡Increase your energy, show up more fully for your friends, family, loved ones + live the life you truly want to live

⚡Finally have a workout program + supportive community that will allow you achieve the real results you know are possible


I invite you to join the From Sitting to Sexy Monthly Membership!

Take Control


Feel Good in Your Body


Live Your Extraordinary Life