Every Journey Begins with a Single Step...

Marliese McGee


Online Personal Trainer + Lifestyle Coach

Founder of Holistic Happy

My Mission

"To give you the tools, guidance and support to go from sitting, sore, tight and tired to feeling fit energized and sexy, so you can fully show up in your life and live the life you want to live!"

My Style

"I am fun, quirky, upbeat and always smiling. My goal is to provide you with an empowering atmosphere full of  virtual high fives, kickass workouts, and of course RESULTS!"

My Story


I wasn’t always so invested in fitness and nutrition....


At the beginning of my fitness journey I was working a classic 9-5 desk job, going to the gym when I could find the time (which, to be honest, wasn’t all that often), and doing my best to cook “healthy-ish” meals during the week, so I could have my “coveted” pizza, wine, and Hagandaz on Friday night.


But then I got a call that took my “healthy-ish 9-5 world” and turned it on it’s head...


My mom had just suffered a heart attack. I was speechless, breathless, numb...how could this happen? Needless, to say I immediately flew out to be with her, and the moment I saw her laying in that hospital bed trying to put on a strong face for me (even when she would later tell me she didn’t know if she would live or die) I knew everything had to change.


I committed then and there to helping her and others live healthy, vibrant lives full of strength, confidence, and empowerment!


I am now an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach and have used my experience to help educate and empower my mother and countless others toward achieving the health and bodies of their dreams!

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Online Personal Training

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From Sitting to Sexy: The "Desk-aholic's" Guide to Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset

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✔️Beginner + advanced exercise modifications

✔️Workouts that can be done at home or at the gym

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✔️Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

✔️Guide to Nutrition Basics


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5 Day From Sitting to Sexy Workout Challenge

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Each Daily Workout includes:

🔥A 5-minute Guided Warm-Up

🔥A 15-minute Guided Workout

🔥A 5-minute Guided Cool-down

🔥Beginner and Advanced Exercise Modifications

🔥At home/gym variations


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